Dark Horse Property Management

Different makes the difference.

For Property Owners

Our team proactively manages assets to ensure owners get the most out of their investment with the least amount of hassle. We committed to being a progressive, all-inclusive, licensed property management company that proactively delivers a best-in-class experience.

Traditional property managers deliver services as an expense, but Dark Horse Properties focuses on increasing the value of assets in your portfolio and delivers cost certainty.

We elevate the property ownership experience

The Dark Horse Mission

We elevate property management by building respectful relationships and ensuring service excellence. We bring innovation to our clients and the industry, and our technological expertise allows us to improve operational efficiencies and communication with our partners.

We do this by:

  • Concierge model
  • Cost certainty
  • Offering value added partnerships
  • Stewardship of your property
  • Focus on financial optimization

We provide long-term vision for asset management and growth

Why Dark Horse Properties

We know property and we know investments, and our specialized team will optimize and preserve your investment to deliver long-term growth of your returns with peace of mind. One of our most important values is that we get paid for our service, not for our time, and the foundation of our service is respect, integrity and accountability. This means our tenants can trust that they have a safe, secure and well-maintained property to call home.  

Our team believes in building relationships with a continual focus on service excellence. Collaboration is essential to our work with service partners as we continually find ways to improve efficiencies and deliver results. We also share our knowledge to advise, support and advance our communities, the places we all call home.

We believe in:

  • Disrupting typical industry rates by offering a different pricing model
  • Approaching properties as assets and finding ways to optimize ROI
  • Providing stable tenancy
  • Making the tenant experience feel like home

Different makes the difference

personalized concierge

Our team proactively manages real estate assets to ensure owners get the most out of their investment with the lease amount of hassle. We commit to being a progressive, all-inclusive, licensed property management company that proactively serves you with a best-in-class experience.

Traditional property managers offer services as an expense.

We focus on increasing the value of your investment with cost certainty

Our concierge inclusive services

Our Services
We understand current and potential tenants and their needs and desires. Our marketing team will find the best and most stable tenant-property fit using our network of advertising and promotions partners. Our marketing service includes:
  • Professional photos and videos for advertisement
  • Listing your property for rent both online and through our professional networks
  • Quick response to inquiries
  • Screening of prospective tenants, and showing your home in person to suitable candidates

We are a service team whose role is to assist customers and clients in a professional, competent and courteous manner that displays service excellence. Our responsive team is responsible for everything from property and maintenance inspections to trades management. Additional services include:

  • 24/7 emergency line
  • Fully vetted tenants with credit, employment and background checks
  • Move in and move out inspections
  • Semi-annual walkthrough inspections for proactive preventative maintenance and tenant accountability
  • Documenting mechanicals and appliances for efficient service and preventative maintenance
  • Managing maintenance and coordinating repairs and concerns 
  • Vacant home checks as mandated for insurance purposes

We are financial stewards who believe in empowerment, efficiencies and increasing the value of your investment. Our owners’ assets are optimized and preserved to deliver long-term growth and peace of mind.

  • Transparent all inclusive pricing for cost certainty
  • Rent collection & disbursement
  • Security deposit held in trust 
  • Monthly and annual statements for tax purposes
  • Financial reviews to optimize your portfolio
  • Proformas
  • Market rents analysis


We value working with clients who share the same ideals.  We recognize that excellent service is not just about a reasonable and fair management fee, but the quality of service and communication you receive on a consistent basis.  Our goal is to reduce the stress of being a property owner, protect your investment, and maximize your profits.

We are a licensed residential property management company serving the Greater Edmonton area. 

Yes, the Dark Horse executive team personally owns 20+ units.

We are a full service brokerage firm, so we handle everything related from the initial marketing of your property, to finding and placing a tenant, dealing with all the day to day so that you can be completely hands off. For a full list of our services, please see the services section of our website.

Different makes the difference. We believe it’s important to maximize efficiency and be proactive rather than reactive. We offer additional reporting and information, including regular investment strategy discussions and expense optimization to make sure your portfolio is performing the way you want it to. We want to be a key piece of your investment journey.

The largest part of our portfolio are single family homes, and we also often work with multi-tenanted properties – homes with basement or garage suites. We do not typically accept apartment style condominiums but it can be dependent on the owner and their overall investment strategy.

No. While we may be open to expanding to service that area in the future, at this time our focus is on long term unfurnished rentals.

Our fees are straightforward and all inclusive. We charge $250 + GST monthly. When applicable, for a secondary unit or suite located on the same municipal lot (ie. garage or basement suite) we charge a reduced additional  monthly fee of $125.00 per secondary unit plus GST.

We believe that by offering a flat rate, we provide our owners with cost certainty and better align with them. We have no incentive to turn over tenants with high lease start up fees or additional costs for placing a new tenant. Many other property management companies charge various fees for many incidental items as well as add their own markup fees to maintenance and service. This can make it difficult to know exactly what the true cost is. We believe it’s important to be  fully transparent so owners know what to expect.

We collect rent from tenants by direct withdrawal and direct deposit rent to owners.

Owners are paid on or before the 3rd Monday of the month.

We will keep you apprised on the performance of your investment. We ask that you review the regular reports we send you, work collaboratively with our team to optimize your expenses, and authorize large expenditures as required. As for the day to day, owners need never be involved – our team handles it all!

Any expense over $500 will require owner consent, unless it is an emergency situation where we are trusted to use our discretion. There are no mark ups on any service or maintenance.

We are not general contractors, so overseeing a large renovation or insurance claim for fire, restoration or remediation would not be included. Additionally, in the event of a tenant court case, costs would be negotiated separately. In any such instance, options would be discussed with the owner so we could decide a mutually agreeable course of action.

Yes, we will check the property while vacant for insurance purposes (every 3 days, or more frequently if requested in writing) and coordinate lawn maintenance and snow removal as needed (at current contractor rates)

An emergency would be a situation where there was a risk of significant property damage or potential loss of life. Fire, flooding, or gas odor would be examples of an emergency. We have a 24/7 call line for after hours emergencies.

While property management falls under the Real Estate Council of Alberta, we have decided to focus our full attention on property management and we do not do real estate sales. Should you require a real estate professional to purchase or sell your investment property, we would happen to connect you to one of our many trusted partners experienced in investment properties. We do however offer complimentary proformas to existing clients looking to purchase a new investment property.